We propose to our clients the following collaboration models


  • We start from the idea that our clients know their market well, but there is no need for experts in embedded systems implementation.
  • Based on a need that they pose, we study high level requirements and propose a technical solution
  • We take charge of selecting the optimal technology for each application, being able to buy and manage all the necessary hardware and software resources.
  • After setting the requirements of the proposed solution to the client, we put all our experience and knowledge to deliver the solution within the agreed time and price.

We propose different models of work to our clients:


  • Work together in the development of a project.
  • Take responsibility for only certain work packages that interest the customer
  • Collaborate in the integration of contributions.

We provide on-site engineering services at the customer’s facilities, moving specialized staff that can be joint your organization:


  • We offer training in the development of embedded electronic systems, FPGA design, PCB design, firmware development, hardware-software co-design.
  • Our staff is qualified and has more than 5 years of experience.
  • This staff from CELESTIA Portugal works under our and the client’s technical supervision.
  • Our client is responsible for the results.