CELESTIA PORTUGAL is part of an international multi technology group (Celestia Technologies Group) based on innovation, investigation and development of high technology products key factors to a steady growth. The organization is comprised of a number of multi-disciplinary hi-tech SME’s having a common strategic vision. The individual companies operate in the defence, space, wireless, governmental and medical segments offering state of the art products supported by an extensive background of R&D activities.

CELESTIA PORTUGAL, as part of the group, provides solutions built on 25 years of supply of EGSE and modem equipment for the European space industry and worldwide customers. This experience includes the development of products to support the Assembly, Integration and Verification (AIV) of spacecraft and TM/TC ground equipment, covering all phases from simulation to operation. The organization has considerable experience in the design and development of its self-owned IP for hardware and software in these fields and all areas of spacecraft AIV.

Celestia Technologies Group includes within its areas of expertise, the design and development of industry standard, as well as custom specified systems composed of hardware and software, in the fields of Space Data Communication (TTC, TM/TC, Payload/Instrument Data), RF Test Systems, Simulation & Test systems (EGSE).

Celestia Portugal provides engineering services including EGSE system design such as TM/TC Front Ends